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Gift certificate

 50.00 1,000.00

Gift certificates are available to purchase in multiple amounts and then emailed directly to your email address.

From there you can print out or forward the email to the lucky receiver!

Certificate is .pdf file for printing (2 sided A4 paper).

This certificate expires one year from the date it was issued (from the date of posting the payment 😉 ).



“Ok I bought and what next?” – NOTHING EASIER!  😀 


After payment send to the following information:

  • 1. Order number (format #xxxx)
  • 2. From whom is the gift.
  • 3. For whom is prepared a surprise.


Within 24hours you will receive  .pdf file for printing (A4 format).

We suggest double-sided printing on elegant paper. You have here the full field to show off.

Before printing, check the settings and capabilities of your printer. Don’t waste paper – Everybody we must take care of the environment!!! 😀

After printing fold the card in half.

Remember to buy the A5 envelope in the paper shop (only black matte or glossy 😛 ).

Watch the recipient’s reaction.It will certainly bring him a lot of joy!


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