DEAR CUSTOMERS: Since 14.01.2020 we decided to stop selling in our webstore and focus on working with dealers and distributors exclusively. We want to be focused 100% on production and making best possible products for guitar and bass players. We just moved into new location. If you are interesten in beeing our distributor only contact way is Thank you for being with us and supporting 10 years now! close ×

1. Q: Do You do endorsements of any kind?

A: Yes, we offer endorsement deals for Artists however You need to meet several conditions and convince us that it is worthwhile to work with You.

Your request should include:
-links to personal facebook page and band page
-Your best Youtube videos
-info about planned tours
-general info
-few words why You want to be endorsed by HESU or Redcases

We need to know who You are , how big Your community is and how You can help our brands to grow. We are always focused on longtime partnership what can be confirmed by many of our current endorsers. If you’re a endorsement “whore” and every couple of months You have new deal and this stuff is World best (each time!) You can be sure that’s not what we are searching for.

We are trying to answer every single request, sometimes if  You don’t get endorsement for some reason we will let You know why (mostly too small social community). Definitely worth a try!

Only right way for such requests is our main email: info @


endorsment photo