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We are well known from outstanding custom printings on guitar and bass cabinets. Here you’ll find instructions how to prepare file for best results:

Guitar Cabinets – printing dimensions:

W112 W 490mm x H 320mm
V212 W 510mm x H 740mm
M212 W 740mm x H 420mm
M412 W 740mm x H 730mm

Bass Cabinets – printing dimensions:

B110 W 365mm x H 327mm
B210 W 610mm x H 330mm
B410 W 610mm x H 620mm
B810 W 610mm x H 1100mm

General instruction:

-.TIFF file
– CMYK colors
– 80 dpi maximum
– no layers!
– no compression
-please note that 20mm each side won’t be printed.
Normally file should be around 10-30MB only, if you have bigger one – something is wrong.



Here You have few our realizations: