Artist Opinion:

“I remembered viewing an Ola Englund vid some years ago using some HESU cables and aesthetically I really loved them. I purchased a WhiteConnect cable and I absolutely loved the high quality material of it. It didn´t twist, the signal was so clean and bright… Simply amazing! Also, HESU cabs give me the punch and dynamic I need for the tone.
Top notch material. Definitely HESU cabs and cables has become my favorite ones so far.”


About Artist:

Borja Mintegiaga is a self-taught guitarist, composer and guitar teacher who was born in 1991 in Donostia (basque country, north of Spain).
He started playing guitar and taking lessons in his hometown´s conservatory where later, he will leave it. Despite of starting at a young age, he didn´t become serious until 18, when he decided to leave the university and the psychology career. Then, Borja started practicing hard and studying by his own and got a scholarship to go to Berklee college of music, but he wasn´t able to go due to personal reasons.
Borja started to upload some vids to Youtube at the end of 2009, where later he would gain recognition.
He has participated in some Youtube guitar contests and make the 1st place in two of them; in the Andy James solo competition, and in the Kiesel Guitars solo contest. Also, he made the top 10 in other contests, like the Guitar Messenger´s one.
Borja has played with national well known death metal bands such as Baalphegor and Gory Delivery. Now he is into his new instrumental progressive metal project LAMPR3A.
He divides his time between guitar teaching, recording guest solos for bands, working as a recording session musician, producing, doing self guitar lessons packages, recording videos