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I’ve worked with Hesu for more than 5 years now and could not be happier with my M212BK-C guitar cab and black series cables. The high quality of their equipment enhances my sound both on stage and in the studio!





Bernd ‘Bernth’ Brodträger is a Viennese virtuoso guitar player, currently providing shreds for the Austrian Pop outlet Seiler und Speer. Together since 2015, they played shows in front of 100000+ people on multiple occasions and released two #1 and platinum certified records with some of his signature playing. He studied Jazz and Pop guitar at the Vienna Music Institute for 4 years and completed his studies with honors. Bernth is also known for his background in extreme music, providing session/live guitars for a lot of metal bands in the past – including the blackened death metal masters Belphegor (2010-2011).