Artist Opinion:

“My new HESU V212 is the best paired guitar cabinet for PLEXSOUND`s “Goldwing”, which is my signatured amp. The pure clearity and a total mass destructive sound that is a result of combining Celestion Vintage 30 12` speaker with Hesu Demon 12` speaker, which was my suggestion leads straight to the darkest depths of hell”


About Artist:

Bartosz `Bratek` Wójcik is a guitarist, composer, session musician and member of the Union of Artists – STOART and ZAiKS.

Bratek cooperates with Jacek Dewódzki (Dżem) and his band “Revolucja”, with whom he recorded:

  • “As a warning -XV Festival”(2013) live album
  • “Revolucja Live”- special edition” (2015) live album
  • “Bida z Nędzą”(2016/HRPP Records) studio album

Bratek is also working with many leading Polish musicians as:

Jacek Krzaklewski (Perfect), Gienek Loska, Gabriel Fleszar, Mietek Jurecki (Budka Suflera, Giganci Gitary), Marek Raduli (Budka Suflera, TTR2), Krzysztof Misiak (Chylińska), Tom Łosowski (Kombi), Ornette Stępień (Oddział Zamknięty), Liam Mac Mhurry (Ian Paice, Steve Hooks).

In 2016, Bratek released his debut album “… From the Book of Shadows” (HRPP Records) which is a musical project recorded to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Zakk Wylde`s “Book of Shadows” (1996) studio album. In 2017 he founded a music supergroup called “Medusa”. In the same year the band also released their first debut album entitled “Medusa” (HRPP Records).

Since 2009 Bratek leads his“Guitar Rock School”. He had the pleasure of leading music workshops with such brilliant musicians as Leszek Cichoński and Apostolis Anthimos.

Bartosz `Bratek` Wójcik is an endorser of HESU guitar cabinets and guitar amps called Plexsound (, which created a series of amplifiers with his signature: “Psychonote BW10” and “Goldwing”.