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“I play everything from crystal clear cleans, to blues, to hard rock , to djent and the Hesu Modern 2×12 delivers everything perfectly!
Best cabinets I’ve ever tried. Clear and thight sound even on extended range guitars in drop tuning with heavy distortion. And the fact that you can get custom print and tolex just makes it even more attractiv! I wouldn’t choose any other brand of cabinets nor cables :)”



Roy Espen Olsen (born 5 August 1994) is a Norwegian multi-instrumentalist(piano, bass, drums, ukulele, pan flute, ocarina flute) and songwriter with classical and electric guitar as main instrument and have played in different local bands since he started playing guitar in 2009 and is currently playing as solo artist and in some minor projects like Gravity Captive.

Main genre of music is instrumental hard rock/metal with his 7-string guitars as lead instrument.