Artist Opinion

Hesu M212 Modern Custom Cabinet is a professional guitar cabinet fully made of plywood. I’ve equipped mine with two different speakers (1xCelestion Vintage30, 1xHesu Demon). That was a great decision. The sound is saturated and two differen speakers are complementary. The cabinet is solid and sounds professionally.

Brilliant sound and balanced frequencies – that’s the M212 Modern Custom Cabinet!
My Hesu M412 Modern Standard Cabinet (4xCelestion Vintage30) is a beast in my studio and I like it.

When I’ve played Hesu Cabinets for the first time, I knew only one thing – I need both of them!
I’ve worked with Hesu for a long time and I recommend Hesu cabinets and Hesu speakers.

I really love my Hesu cabinets!


About Artist:

Krystian Suchorab is a polish composer and main guitar player in Misscore band. Since his childhood he was on stage. Former member of few previous rock music projects. Named one of the best guitar players during international festival for bands and soloists in Wrocław. He played with his band on finals and semi finals of various international music competitions in Poland.