Artist Opinion:

The Hesu 2×12 cab with Demon speakers is everything a modern player would want in a guitar sound!
Defined low end, crispy highs and the most important: a cutting midrange.
Where 4×12 cabs can be a bit bassy sometimes for a good mix, with these cabs you don´t even have to hassle with cutting away all the low end.
Right now using it with two Shure SM57 with Fredman technique to get a fuller sound.


About Artist:

Raised in Wolfsburg/Germany I enjoy bands like Meshuggah, Suffocation, Gojira, Defeated Sanity, Decapitated and Feared, but also some post metal stuff like Isis, Neurosis, Dvne or Obscure Sphinx.
I mainly play ESP, RAN, Ibanez and Agile guitars from 6 to 8 string models and have been playing guitar since 2006.
Mixing and reamping is something I want to do more in the future as a working musician. For reamping purposes I always choose my trustworthy Randall Satan or Engl Savage paired with my Hesu Custom cab.
I am still impressed by how much high quality music (gear) is coming from poland and having played there with my band CYPHONISM, I can ensure everyone they are great and very real people!